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An Easy-To-Use Multiple Choice Test Generator / Test Taker For Microsoft Windows

An Excellent Software Package For Teachers, Students, Or

Anyone Who Needs To Create Multiple Choice Tests.

An Enjoyable Study Tool For Students Of Any Age.

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1) A Multiple Choice Test Generator - This program allows the user to create 42 Question banks with user defined chapter buttons. In addition you can generate a test that incorporates all 42 question banks. There is an unlimited number of questions you can add to this test (up to 2 Gigs). Comes with a check-as-you-type spell checker. You can also pick and choose any question and, with a click of the mouse, add a question to any of the additional 42 test banks. This allows you to make specific custom tests in just a few minutes.

2) Transport any question in the database to any question chapter in the program. You can easily create custom tests from your question library by picking and choosing individual questions to assemble as one custom test bank, without having to re-type your question. You can

3) Keeps Track Of The Questions You Missed In Two Formats That Allows You To Return And Learn From Your Mistakes.

4) Searches Question Database For Key Words. Search For A Specific Word - Returns All Questions Which Contain That Word.

5) Wizard Builds Custom Printed Test Packages. With A Few Clicks Of The Mouse you can create a test that can be saved to disk, transported over the Internet, and opened on any computer running Knightlite Software

6) The Ability To Create Two Levels Of Questions. If You Need Two Levels Of Difficulty - KTM - 3.0 can do it easily. Print tests in either or both levels.

7) Save Your Last Session And Return To It Later To Continue The Test.

8) Easy-to-use interface makes learning this software a snap.

Lots Of Other Features, Plus All The Features That Made Version 2.0 So Fun And Easy To Use - Backed By Knightlite's Superior Customer Service And Support.

Optional Knightlite TestTaker Module

Get the optional upgrade to create tests to be used for our software package Knightlite TestTaker Version 1.0. Comes on your CD Rom. It is also available free from our website - Click here to download TestTaker. Additional copies on CD are available for only $15.00 post paid on shipped on CD Rom. You can create a test in TestMaker, and e-mail the data file over the Internet to an individual who can take the test using Knightlite TestTaker. Test results can be printed out, saved to a file, or sent over the Internet. Click here for details.

Screen Shots

Main Table Of Contents. Click on an empty button to create a new test.

Add A Caption To The Chapter Button

Main Test Page

Create A Custom Test Package With A Click Of The Mouse. Packages Can Be Saved To Disk Or Sent Over The Internet Via E-Mail
System Requirements:

486 DX Processor Or Higher (Pentium Recommended)
At Least 8 MB Ram (16MB Recommended)
Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Or Windows 95, 98, ME, XP.
One 3 1/2" Floppy Drive or CD Rom Drive

At Least 3 MB Free Hard Drive Space
VGA Graphics Card (16 Million Colors Recommended)
Mouse Or Other Pointing Device

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