How Redway Furniture Is Made

Our furniture is made using traditional 18th century joinery techniques. All table frames, quilt racks, and footstools are made with double pinned mortise and tenon joinery.  See illustration.

Mortise And Tenon Construction:

A 5/16 inch thick by 3/4 inch long tenon is cut into the table skirt. A corresponding mortise hole is created in the table leg.  The tenon which is glued, is fit snugly into the mortise hole. We then drill holes and drive 2 hand-planed cherry pegs into the table leg and through the skirt tenon.  There is no finer method of constructing fine tables than mortise and tenon joinery.  If you don't buy tables from us, make sure that you buy tables made this way.

Hand-Cut Dovetails:

At Redway Furniture we still cut our dovetail joints by hand to make our drawers, step stools and small boxes and chests.  

Hand-Cut Dovetails are not only the strongest joint that human beings have come up with, they are the most beautiful as well.

No routers, no jigs, no nonsense! We build furniture that will last for generations.

We Have A Lifetime Warranty On Workmanship On All Of Our Furniture.

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