The Premium Furniture Wax

Formulated in England in 1860, Briwax is a creamy blend of natural beeswax and rich carnauba specially created for England's finest woodcarvers and cabinet makers.

Use on anything from doors and furniture to carvings and turnings. 

Inherent cleaning agents in BRIWAX allow dirt, oil and old wax to be dissolved and lifted away leaving a durable, lustrous hand-rubbed finish.

Great for new furniture as well as bringing the life back to older lifeless antiques.

BRIWAX is a blend of carnauba wax and beeswax with a solvent carrying agent. Carnauba wax is a hard, high-melting point wax obtained from the leaves of the carnauba palm and beeswax, a softer wax, is the residue of honeycomb after the honey is extracted.

Colors Available:

Clear, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Antique Mahogany (cherry) and Golden Oak

The four tints enable you to tone down or tone up new wood as well as helping to fill in small surface scratches and chips in older furniture.


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Why James Redway Furniture Makers Recommends BRIWAX.

When we decided to sell BRIWAX on-line as part of our site, we thought of just copying the BRIWAX brochures in describing this product. But after reading some of it and hearing about why snooty English cabinetmakers use this and how you the so called "amateur" can achieve near professional results, I decided to throw the brochure away and tell you myself, a furniture maker of  almost 13 years, how I feel about it and why I think you will agree with me.

I first learned about BRIWAX when we attended the Furniture Market At Valley Forge PA some years back. We were basically sucked into the demonstration on how great our furniture would look if we started using this product. I really don't like demonstrations, because I always feel that I am watching a magic trick more than an actual demonstration. I saw the guy take an old dull piece of wood and turn it into a beautifully restored treasure. Being an innately cautious person I was still skeptical. The demonstrator, feeling my apprehension invited me to try the wax on some of my own tables. We accepted the invitation. We waxed everything in sight with this stuff and the results were unbelievable. The wood came alive. This wax really makes the wood glow. It gives our finishes a smooth lustrous patina over and above what we accomplish with 5 coats of hand-rubbed tung oil. We did not expect that. We expected the finish to smear as it does when you use paste waxes.  BRIWAX is kind of like car wax for your furniture. You apply it about the same way and rub it off much in the same way.

BRIWAX is safe on all finishes, except, for urethane finishes. It builds up water resistance, rejuvenates antiques and brings alive tired old finishes. It comes in Antique Mahogany, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Golden Oak and Clear. To be honest, the results are very striking when you use this product.

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