Shaker Step


The Shakers used step stools such as this one to get in and out of their feather beds and high chests of drawers. This step is an adaptation from one built at Hancock Shaker Village during the 19th century. We have scaled it lower to make it more stable.

The step is completely made with hand-cut dovetails. We use not routers or jigs to make these joints - just chisels and handsaws.

This is an extremely useful piece of furniture. In fact you will wonder how you got along without it. Try it in your home for 30 days and if you don't agree with us, return it for a full refund. Great in the kitchen, library, or bath. Light enough to be extremely portable. Use it as a home for your house plants. This makes a great gift, and is one of most popular items we sell.

Height: 19 1/2";  Width: 16";  Depth: 11 3/4"

Price: $225.00


Hand-Cut Dovetails Not Only Are Extremely Strong,

But Add An Element Of Distinction As well.

The Shakers designed this step so when you step on

the top step, your weight is evenly distributed over the center of

the step. There is really no reason to prop it against a wall.

Back support for this step is also hand-dovetailed

This Step is also available in Tiger Maple/Black Walnut $280.00.

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